Boone Hall plantation, Charleston, South Carolina

During our trip to Charleston in October, we did a number of day trips. One day we went Boone Hall plantation just 30 minutes by car from Charleston. I knew about this plantation from the TV-series North and South, which ran on Norwegian television during the 1980s, and I have always remembered the impressive oak “alley” in front of the main building of the plantation. In addition, the plantation had several slave quarters, some of which were still standing because they were made of brick. The land around the plantation was impressive, particularly the huge, beautiful live oaks that had Spanish moss hanging from them. We also saw the salt marshes and the river surrounding the property on the Western side. Pictures from Boone Hall plantation are found here.

Charleston, South Carolina

After a hectic summer, Liz and I finally managed to get some vacation together.  We decided to travel to South Carolina to visit the historic city of Charleston.  After having lived happily in North Carolina, we were looking forward to enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the South, and the warm, sunny weather.  Most days the temperature was around 85F (28C) and I even got to go swimming in the ocean.  One day we rented a kayak and went shell collecting on Crab Island just outside of the harbor area of the Shem Creek River in the Mount Pleasant area outside of Charleston.   A dolphin swam a couple of feet from our kayak, which was thrilling.  We did not get any pictures of that moment, but other great moments from this trip are found here.