San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge

Panorama view of San Francisco
Panorama view of San Francisco

The location by the water, the hillsides, the streetcars, the people, and the laidback feeling of San Francisco makes it one of the most intriguing and attractive cities in the US. I enjoy hiking around the city with the occasional stop at a cafe, bar, or a gastropub such as the Monks Kettle, before stopping at one of the many really good restaurants. Also, the city now has a new aquarium at the California Acadademy of Sciences that alone is worth the trip to the city. I have collected some pictures from San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge from May 2009.

Saint Louis, Missouri and Alcatraz Island, California

This is my first post for many, many months. Since I last posted on my website a lot has happened in my life. I moved from New Jersey to Norway for the summer of 2009, spent the autumn in Washington, DC together with Liz, and went back to Bergen, Norway after Christmas. Liz and I are currently living in Bergen.

During this last year I have also made many more trips and now I can catch up on posting pictures from them. I am starting today with some pictures from an autumn trip to San Francisco when I had the opportunity to visit the prison on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay (link). I will post more photographs from San Francisco very soon.

Liz and I also made a trip to Saint Louis in November that was great. Saint Louis is architecturally one of the most impressive towns I have ever been to in the US. I found the architecture of both downtown and the suburbs such as University City ( wikipedia) to be stunning and you can see a few pictures here (link).

I will try to post frequently in the coming months, both new pictures and also to create some new pages that will contain some of my current python development projects.