Snowstorm in Bergen

Snow in Bergen
Snow in Bergen

This weekend Jon and I went for a hike to Fløyen which was covered in clouds. At the top of the mountain, heavy snow started falling and in a short time everything was covered in white. We hiked around Fløyen and then down Knatten which gives an excellent view of Svartediket (drinking water) as well as Ulriken. Along the hike I took some pictures which you can see here.

Bergen in January

View of Løvstakken from Fløyen
View of Løvstakken

One of the nicest places to go hiking in Bergen is up  Fløyen. Fløyen is one of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen, and it is situated right in town. The mountain is 320 meters above sea-level which is a nice, steep hike that takes you 30-60 minutes depending on your speed and how long you spend taking pictures walking up. You can also take the funicular up the mountain. Once you are at the top (see live web camera here), you can continue hiking the mountain side of Bergen. Liz and I spent the first week of 2011 relaxing in Bergen and we used the opportunity to hike to Fløyen. I have put some pictures from one of our hikes online.

Cloudberry picking in Birtedalen

Cloudberry in Birtedalen

This autumn I went with my family to our cabin, which is located in a town named Birtedalen in the southern Norwegian county ofTelemark. We spent several days at the cabin enjoying both sun and rain. The big undertaking this summer was replacing the soil on the cabin roof, which my brother-in-law Geir and my dad managed to do in two days. The grass on the roof has now grown tall and green. Another of our annual autumn events is the hunt for the cloudberries, which is one of my dad’s favorite things to do. You have to commit to some long hikes and have a lot of patience in the search for these berries. But once you find a field of them, the sight of orange cloudberries everywhere is very rewarding. I have added some pictures from our trip to the cabin and also some pictures from one of the cloudberry hikes we did.

Bergen and Eldsfjellet

Summer, Bergen
Summer, Bergen

We have finally had a couple of weeks where Liz and I were both in Bergen. My parents came visit one weekend and we did a day trip to Sotra, a major island outside of Bergen. Last weekend the weather was fantastic and we took a bus 1 hour north of Bergen to hike a mountain called Eldsfjellet. Although the mountain was steep to climb, the view from the top was spectacular. See some pictures from our last couple of weekends here.

Spring hike to Fjellhytten, Bergen


Spring has definitely come to Bergen so one week ago I decided to go for a hike to enjoy the nice, warm weather. I first went to Fløyen using the funicular, and then I started hiking towards Skomakerdiket. Hikes around Fløyfjellet in Bergen are popular and you are not alone at the mountain. However, around Skomakerdiket i chose to go to Søre Midtfjellet (Southern mid-mountain), which turned out to be a path less hiked. I found myself in a beautiful forest with lots of green moss, pine trees, and once in a while, an overview of the city. I walked higher and higher up the mountain until I reached a desolate cabin called Fjellhytten. I enjoyed the sun in peace and quiet while sitting outside the cabin with a perfect view over Bergen. This trip was very enjoyable and I hope you like the pictures I took.

Bergen, Norway

One of the really nice day hikes we love to do in Bergen is to hike from mountain Fløyen to mountain Ulrikken across Vidden. The trail takes you into some really beautiful scenery and even though you are just a short trip from Bergen city you feel as though you entered a national park. A map of the trip is available from Bergen Turlag here (PDF). Liz and I decided to do this trip last September on a sunny day, starting at Nygårdsgaten, hiking to up to Fløyen, and from there across Vidden to Ulrikken where we took the funicular down the mountain. The trip was amazing and exhausting and we did it in 7 hours. Pictures available here.