Saint Louis, Missouri and Alcatraz Island, California

This is my first post for many, many months. Since I last posted on my website a lot has happened in my life. I moved from New Jersey to Norway for the summer of 2009, spent the autumn in Washington, DC together with Liz, and went back to Bergen, Norway after Christmas. Liz and I are currently living in Bergen.

During this last year I have also made many more trips and now I can catch up on posting pictures from them. I am starting today with some pictures from an autumn trip to San Francisco when I had the opportunity to visit the prison on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay (link). I will post more photographs from San Francisco very soon.

Liz and I also made a trip to Saint Louis in November that was great. Saint Louis is architecturally one of the most impressive towns I have ever been to in the US. I found the architecture of both downtown and the suburbs such as University City ( wikipedia) to be stunning and you can see a few pictures here (link).

I will try to post frequently in the coming months, both new pictures and also to create some new pages that will contain some of my current python development projects.