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I am a senior scientist at the Institute of Marine Research (Havforskningsinstituttet) in Bergen, Norway. Currently,  I am a visiting researcher at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, in the US.  My research focuses on understanding how biophysical interactions lead to ecosystem-level consequences for key fish habitats throughout the North Atlantic.  In order to develop a process-based understanding of ecosystems, I use a combination of observations, individual-based models for fish, and biological and physical models. A major thread of my work focuses on understanding the consequences of climate change on fisheries.  When not modeling ecosystems and fisheries, I enjoy reading, photography, running, and hiking with my wife.

Curriculum Vitae in full, multi-page form (Curriculum Vitae (2456))

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  1. Hi Trond. I don’t know if you’d remember, but this is Brian Blanton, a student of Cisco’s when you were a post-doc at UNC. Anyway, I ran in to the ” ObjectFileAddressSpace::mappedAddress(0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFC) not in any section” in Snow Leopard with ifort, and found the solution on your website. Your photographs are spectacular. Hope all is well. Cheers, Brian

  2. Hi Brian. You taught me how to understand NetCDF files when I was at UNC, and that has turned out extremely helpful. I try to go back to Chapel Hill once a year and perhaps we can have a cup of coffee next time. Hope you and your familiy are doing well. Thanks for your comment, I am glad it helped. Cheers, Trond

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