Migrate from assembla to github

I needed to migrate my SVN repository at assembla.com to github. After searching for methods on how to do this online the following worked quite well for me:

Step 1. Install svn2git using gem (if you dont have gem installed follow instructions here):

sudo gem install svn2git

Step 2. After installation has succeeded, try to clone your svn repository to git using:

svn2git https://yourassembla/repo --metadata --verbose --rootistrunk

If svn2git seems be stuck you may have to accept the certificate for assembla and you get this error message:

Error validating server certificate for 'https://subversion.assembla.com:443':  - The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Use the    fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!

I solved this by running the command

svn info https://yourassembla/repo

and accepted the certificate, before I reran the svn2git command. However, I also had to delete the .git foder that had been created in my folder where I run svn2git. Not sure why but several others seem to have issues with this.

Step 3. Finally, I used the github mac application to push my newly created local GIT version of my previous SVN repository. However, if you dont have the github application you can create the repository on Github and then push the local changes to the new reepository using the command

git push --mirror https://yourgithub/repo.git

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