Plot CMIP5 sea surface temperature in large marine ecosystems

I have worked extensively with figuring out how to read GIS Shapefiles using Python lately. I needed to read polygon positions from Shapefiles, extract sea surface temperature data from CMIP5 model ensembles and plot the results. The result is quite neat and i have included the full script required to do re-create the map seen above.
Cheers, Trond

Using python and openDAP with CoRTAD

I have just created a small tutorial that explains how use and combine python, numpy, and matplotlib to extract data from openDAP servers.  The example retrieves sea surface temperature (SST) data from the new version 4 of the CoRTAD (coral reef temperature anomaly database) satellite archive maintained by NODC-NOAA. The tutorial show how to plot the result and write the results to file. Take alook here if you are interested in really geeky ways to use python. Cheers, Trond